Joyeta Trade Corporation
There has been a trend for some time now: people are shopping from their seats. We are busy every day, we rush to work, to the gym, to the supermarket, on a trip, and we have no time left. However, in between we sometimes have to send a package or send a gift to a friend or family member. Even if this person lives on the other side of the world. You’ve probably already lost hours trying to find the cheapest courier, filling out different quotes, all a waste of time! We do this for you! You can have your package collected and delivered to your home via Joyeta Trade Corporation and you save both time and money! Why use a door-to-door courier? Whether you want to send a small package with some things or a gift to a friend abroad. Whether you have bought something online such as Voga furniture and you have to arrange the transport yourself. You can book a door-to-door courier in a few minutes via Joyeta Trade Corporation’s online platform. We will find you the cheapest courier for your specific shipment. Door-to-door delivery of your belongings has never been easier! The benefits of a door-to-door courier Using a door-to-door courier has many advantages. You save time, energy and money! How do you wonder? Well, we give you 3 reasons: You save time because you no longer spend hours filling in the different quotes on the different websites. Joyeta Trade Corporation offers you the best prices for all your shipments. You also save time because you don’t have to go to a post office or elsewhere to drop off your package. Thanks to that last point, you also gain/save energy, stay comfortably in your couch and watch another episode of your favorite series. And you win money because via Joyeta Trade Corporation you can have your package collected and delivered to your home up to 70% cheaper. Do you already have a question for us about home delivery or more in general? Then be sure to contact one of our agents. Pick up and deliver goods quickly and easily. Via Joyeta Trade Corporation you can have just about everything picked up per package and delivered to your home. We look at which options are the cheapest for you. Have a standard package picked up and delivered at home Our standard shipping service is most suitable if you want to send small or medium-sized parcels weighing no more than 40kg. Use the following tool to check whether your package is suitable for standard shipping. What can you send through us? To help you further, we have also created a few pages that explain how certain processes work with us, such as the claim procedure, our track & trace tool and explanations about our insurance. Beyond that, we also have some pages explaining how to pack specific items and send them as a standard shipment. For example: medicines, a laptop, cigarettes, electronics or cannabis products. Pick up and deliver goods at home When we talk about pick-up and delivery, we are really talking about freight transport (shipments over 40kg or bulky packages that exceed the maximum dimensions). Such shipments are often placed on a pallet, but you can also book door-to-door delivery for items that are very bulky or have a special shape. For example, we think of: car parts, a surfboard or a bicycle. Request a quote via the button below. Fill in all the details about you and your shipment, and our agents will send you a price as soon as possible! Moving service Whether your house move, leave for your studies or voluntary, on the way to an Erasmus exchange or an internship. Whether you have to move for your job or you start a new family life elsewhere and you have to move many items at once, including some large pieces of furniture for example, you can have your goods collected and delivered to your new address via Joyeta Trade Corporation. Fast, simple and cheap. Order an express delivery van If you need a faster solution, you can order an express delivery van through us. This is the fastest way to move your belongings, as they are not put in a central storage place. The express van that only transports your belongings – does not share the luggage space with other shipments and can drive directly to the final address of your choice. For more information send an email to and mention that you are looking for a “dedicated van delivery service”. Door to door car transport Door to door car transport is becoming more and more popular which is why we have specialized in the field to help you arrange your car transport from the location of your choice to where you want it delivered. Contact us for more information! Who is door-to-door delivery for? Anyone can use our services. Via Joyeta Trade Corporation you can quickly and easily have your package collected and delivered to your home, regardless of the country! Who mainly uses our services? Companies that send employees abroad for conferences or business and want to send promotional materials. Be sure to check out our page for professionals and learn how to get different discounts! Expats who move abroad for work. NGOs that have already used our services for various reasons (e.g., sending clothing). Do you have any questions about Joyeta Trade Corporation as your door-to-door courier or general questions about pick-up and delivery? Then quickly click on the following link and talk about it with one of our agents!