Joyeta Trade Corporation
An effective and prompt clearance of international cargoes is critical to the success of any global supply chain. JTC has the knowledge and experience with the customs authority to effect earliest possible release of cargo. Empowered by the license of Bangladesh Customs Authority since 2019 for expedited air, sea, and surface customs clearance JTC is operating in all the customs port of the country. Our customs clearance agent understand the challenges faced by global business and are update with the latest in customs compliance, regulations & procedures. This helps us provide the best customs handling process and prevent you from paying unnecessary costs. Our customized solutions help you take informed decisions, reduce lead time, optimize cash flow, and keep taxes to a minimum. JTC Offering Services of efficient customs clearance in no-time to avoid detention, demurrage to save the cost to our customers.

Our in-house customs brokerage personnel can:

  • Prepare import and export documents in accordance w ith Customs regulations, laws, and procedures.
  • Offer consultation regarding commodity, tax rates, duties, import and export restrictions, and other concerns.
  • Arrange payments for taxes, storage, duties, freight, bonds, and other incurred expenses.
  • The Customs facility can be summarized as:
  • Licensed customs brokers
  • Import and export specialists
  • Assist to avoid additional costs and delays to the customers
  • Classification and Value Assistance
  • Duty Drawback assessment and filing